Wakpol S.A - Tripe, tripe

Wakpol S.A. - Tripe, tripe Wakpol S.A. - Tripe, tripe Wakpol S.A. - Tripe, tripe Wakpol S.A. - Tripe, tripe Wakpol S.A. - Tripe, tripe Wakpol S.A. - Tripe, tripe

About us

Wakpol was established in 1993 as a civil partnership. The first owners created foundations for a modern, nationwide catering plant.

In the 1990s, the company experienced rapid growth, with Wakpol products winning an increasing recognition of the customers.

In 1997, Wakpol was transformed into a limited liability company. This was the beginning of a dynamic development of the company.

Subsequent years saw a substantial increase in sales and new customer figures, as well as investments.

Wakpol, the market leader, is still modernising its production, investing in new technologies related with manufacturing and packagings processes.

Focusing on the protection of the natural environment, in 2008 Wakpol launched its own sewage treatment plant and water cooling installation, where its consumption was limited by 90%, reflecting the company's care about future resources.

Years 2010 - 2012 have brought massive investments in technology and quality of the company's products. Wakpol has been granted with BRC Food, IFS Food and ISO 22000 certificates. Raw materials used for manufacturing are of the best quality, and the implemented systems guarantee the highest standard of products.

Currently, Wakpol S.A. is the leading Polish manufacturer of catering products at an international scale. Wakpol brand is recognised home and abroad. Wakpol products are prepared according to traditional recipes, which were met with appraisal of the customers in many countries across the globe.